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PVC Vinyl floors are designed for high traffic areas. They are also anti-noise, anti-fire, waterproof, anti-bacterial and they contain a UV protective film. They are listed on the international market as number one, not only in quality but also in style as it features the latest aesthetic tendecias.


Is made of PVC (Polyvinyl Chloride) laminate is manufactured with the latest technol- ogy. They have national, international ISO9001 certificates - ISO14001 ensures excellent color uniformity, precise adaptation unmatched dimensional stability.


Not only they are suited to homes, but high traffic being found to be ideal for all kinds of spaces: offices, department stores, schools, hospitals, restaurants, public spaces. By adopting natural texture designs first class, these products transform their workplaces sophisticated housing in pleasant places. 

• Excellent Product, with International Certifications.

• Only to be used indoors.

• 100% washable with water + cleaning products, without compromising its life.

• Highly stain and chemical Reistente.

• For the nanosilver technology, used in its manufacture, it is hipoalargenica and repels moisture.

• Available in CLICK and Glue-Down System.

• 3mm / 5mm / 6.5 mm / 7.5mm (Thickness).

• 6 different modern colors, designed for the US market.

• It is considered a Antibacterial product.

• Floors Eco-Friendly, 100% PVC used in its manufacture, is recycled.

• Fire Resistance (Includes slow).

• Made with UV coating, requiring polish.

• Possess a high level of sound insulation.

• Quickly and completely clean installation.

• Cost-benefit product without competition in the market.

• Designed to be extremely versatile, it can be installed on floors, walls, most of the surfaces on which it has been tested.

• Very fast, easy and inexpensive installation (you require only, leveling and glue).

• Perfect substitute for more expensive as hardwood and health contraindicated for conventional surfaces like carpets.

• Made with the latest technology for the manufacture of floors LVT (Luxury Vinyl Tile).

• It has 10-year warranty for problems with the material composition or unjustified deterioration.

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